Building Your Best Profile

Enhance your Unissu profile with this handy guide!

To gain the most available from the Unissu platform, we recommend that you keep your personal page up-to-date.


This action will ensure that when people seek to network with you, they know who they are talking to you, thus making all communication increasingly easier. 


Follow this guide for our top tips: 


The first thing you will have to do is click on your avatar icon and select “Edit Profile”.

Edit profile capture (2)


This step will take you to “Your Profile”. 

Your profile capture


Here you can:



    The next page available is the Career page. 


    At this point, you can list your present and previous job roles and the qualifications that you have received. 


    Careers capture


    When you click on the “Your Plan” page, you will have the opportunity to purchase one of our data packages. These packages are massively beneficial, giving you insights into the rising industry trends and even offering you information on your competitor’s work. 


    Your Plan capture


    On the “Articles” page, you will find links to your articles on the Unissu website. These will be displayed for other influencers to see.


    With the “Connect” page, you will be able to see any Connect videos you have made for us. 


    If you need to update your password or email login, you can do this via the “Security Settings” page. 


    Security Settings capture


    The final page that you will have access to is the “Preferences” page.


    Here you can highlight your email preferences, letting us know which communications you would like to receive from us. 


    Email preferences capture


    You can also decide which notifications you want to receive on our platform, such as user activity and company updates. 


    Platform notifications preferences capture

    We hope that this guide helps, have fun creating your profile!