How do I upload pre-recorded content for my session?

Uploading Pre-Recorded Content to the event platform

Click on this link for a video demo How to upload pre- recorded content 


This guide aims to help you to navigate through uploading Pre-Recorded Content to a session on the event platform


Firstly, you will have to go onto the Admin View page of your Pre-Recorded Content Session and go through to the Admin Panel, by clicking on the Admin Panel button.


You will need to fill in some compulsory fields, marked with a red asterisk.



You will have to give a Title and a brief Description of your session. 



You will then have to upload the content that you wish to show for your broadcast.


Scroll down to the Pre-Recorded Video Content option, and click on the Upload button.

Your desktop documents will then pop up, allowing you to select the video you wish to upload, and then click Open. 


It will then appear in the Pre-Recorded Video Content box.


You must then click the Save button, which will upload your content. 


The time that it will take to upload your content will depend on the length of the content. There will be a warning that it may take a few minutes and not close your tab. 


Once the video is uploaded, a pop up will appear on the right-hand side of the screen to notify you that your session is updated. 


As this is a session for pre-recorded content, you will notice now that you have uploaded your content, your Stream Keys will no longer be available as they are no longer needed.


You will then be able to click onto Live View to confirm that your Title and Description are correct. 


The video will not appear on your Live View until the time of your broadcast. There is a notification for this that will appear in red on the Admin View page


We recommend that your content is uploaded to the event platform in plenty of time for your session, to ensure its success.