Do I have to pay to attend sessions?

That is up to your host to decide.

It depends.

Every session owner has complete freedom to decide if they want to charge their audience to attend their session.

You will notice that some sessions on the platform are FREE, whereas others require you to purchase a ticket.

It’s up to you how you decide to enjoy the conferences on our platform.

FREE sessions:

To attend free sessions, all you need to do is create an account with the event platform: 

  1. Register: Fill in the form with your details.
  2. Sign In: Log in with your email account and password.
  3. You are all set!

Paid for sessions:

With this option, you will have to pay to attend the session.

To do this, click on the ‘Join Session’ button, and make the required payment.

Once you have paid, you are ready to start.