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How do I add a resource to the Content Library?

Adding your resource


At Unissu, we love to give our users the opportunity to share their expertise with the wider community. In our content library, you’ll find a broad range of unique and curated content from all over the world; from interviews with leading figures from global real estate tech and ReTech, to insights and analysis from all the world’s regional PropTech markets.

Contributing to our content library is a great way to learn about our industry, and to share your own insights through articles, videos, or podcasts.

To upload a resource

  • Ensure you have signed up and created a personal account
  • On the Unissu home page, select Articles from the drop-down menu under Content Library
  • Here, you will see an option to Add Your Content on the top right-hand side of the screen
  • You can now begin adding your resource! Firstly, enter the title of your chosen piece
  • You may now enter a short description of your content to explain what you will be discussing
  • Once this is complete, you may enter the full content into Main Content. You can use our editing tools to create your own style.
  • You can now build your audience by filling in the resource type, which sector it is aimed at, the industry, and which technologies are involved.
  • If your content has been published first elsewhere, please enter the URL of where it has been published. Please note that you cannot gain influencer points with content that has been published first elsewhere, but you will gain influencer points if Unissu is the first place where it has been published.
  • Lastly, select Submit Resource

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