What is RE:Connect?

Burning Man for Real Estate

RE:Connect is Unissu's answer to a broken events marketing industry. It provides 4 clear differences to any other events solution:

A Bespoke Experience

No matter what your job or where you are based, every real estate professional anywhere in the world can create a personalised experience relevant to them

Streaming Platform

No more will an events company set the topic for a conference and then sell ownership of it to the highest bidder. RE:Connect is a streaming platform, meaning anyone can be the star of the show. The stage is yours.


Traditional events rely on opacity to succeed. They don't want participants or sponsors to come away with anything more than a gut-feeling and a few business cards as the measure of success. RE:Connect puts data at its core so everyone can measure the value of participation easily

Distributed Audiences

We've been to our friends and partners around the world to give them the opportunity to influence the discussion. By bringing dozens of them together at one place and time, along with the networks, we create the first truly global knowledge sharing experience in the history of real estate.

Our Cofounder, Eddie Holmes, has written on these topics in more detail here:

Lifting the Lid on RE:Connect

Burning Man for Real Estate