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What It Means to Be A Unissu 'Themes' Contributor

At Unissu, providing our users with opportunities and avenues to share their expertise with the wider community is extremely important to us. One of the ways we do this is through our Content Library, where you’ll find a broad range of unique and curated content from all over the world; from interviews with leading figures from global real estate tech and ReTech, to insights and analysis from all the world’s regional PropTech markets.

Contributing to our content library is a great way to learn about our industry, and to share your own insights through articles, videos, or podcasts.


What are ‘Unissu Themes’?

Given the vastness of the subject matter in Unissu’s content library, plus the challenges in understanding the different insights and opinions surrounding different technologies and innovations, we decided to introduce ‘Unissu Themes.’

This means that each month, we introduce a new ‘theme’ for our content. For example, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ ran as our March theme, while ‘Smart Cities’ ran as our April theme. During the duration of each month, we strive to develop and enhance the richness of content surrounding each theme. In doing so, it allows for the attention of our readers and writers to focus on one particular topic. At the same time, it also gives our contributors the chance to spark debate, educate and provide oracle insight into their field of expertise.


Why Should I Contribute to Unissu Themes?

By becoming a Unissu Themes contributor, not only are you helping the broader community, you’re also giving yourself the opportunity to showcase your knowledge, your company and your brand. Each month, our content views hit over 6,000, with our ‘themes’ pieces accounting for 20% of this number. As well as this, you’re playing a key part in driving the conversation forward towards the technological revolution that is taking place within the real estate industry.

Each month, we release a shortlist of titles which we feel capture some of the most interesting aspects of each sector. We then operate on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis where users can claim their title. It is also important to note that our shortlist are suggestions, if you have a different idea for a piece we are more than happy to discuss your ideas with you. Once you have settled on a title and completed it, we then release the articles on a staggered basis throughout the month where they are shared not only on Unissu, but also on our social media platforms. 


If you are familiar with our Influencer Ranking on Unissu, you’ll also be aware that creating and sharing content is a great way to boost your profile. As we all know, in this day and age, being an influencer is important and within Unissu’s influencer rankings, you’ll find some of the most sought-after and forward-thinking minds in global real estate technology. Amongst these rankings, you’ll find our most active themes contributors, with our Top 3 Influencers of all time being avid contributors to Unissu’s Content Library.



Whether you want to help educate the broader the community, boost your profile and your companies’ profile, or spark debate and insight within your field, contributing to Unissu Themes is a great way of accomplishing this. By participating in this ongoing venture, you can firmly establish yourself as a thought leader, while positively contributing to the further understanding and prosperity of our industry.