How do I upload downloadable files to my session?

Ensuring attendees have something to takeaway from the session

Our event platform allows session creators to provide files that attendees can download and keep.

To do this, browse to your Admin Panel. Towards the bottom you will see this screen:

- Click Upload

- Choose your chosen file(s)


Once the files have successfully uploaded, you will see each listed as per the PropTech Media Pack 2021.pdf above.

You can use any type of file for your session apart from executables (pdt, ppt, doc, etc.). 

PLEASE NOTE - files may be no larger than 5GB

To delete a file, Click the bin icon:

Attendees at your session will see the downloads on the right hand side of the information panel, as shown below:



All clicks on each file are recorded and are available to the session creator. 

Enquire about click rate using the Data tab in your admin panel. Please note, this is a paid service, accessible to you via our Data Package: